The AGM took place on Tuesday 12th June 2018
at the Dormer Conference Centre

After the Chairman’s opening address the agenda was followed as planned. At item no.9 there was some discussion of the pros and cons of raising the annual subscription, a proposal originating in response to the increase in the Centre’s room hire charge. The chairman explained that, subsequently, it had been established that the venue to be used from January 2019 onwards (The Octagon at St Mary Magdalene Church Lillington) was actually going to be less expensive and it was agreed to apply no increase at this stage.

Reports were read out from the leaders of the poetry, drama and fiction groups, all of which are much enjoyed by their members.

The committee was re-elected as a group, with Robin Taylor replacing John Henderson (retiring for health reasons) as Treasurer and Fiona Williams taking over from Anna Schmidt (retiring because of increased family commitments) as Membership Secretary.

Our President, Lady Hamilton, has sadly decided to retire after many years of service. She said how much she had enjoyed being our President, and being in the company of fellow book-lovers. Trevor Humphreys thanked her very much indeed for serving for so long and presented her with flowers and wine. Margaret Watkins gave a very appreciative speech thanking Lady Hamilton for being such a good President and taking a keen interest in the society.

After the break, during which the book sale was held, we enjoyed a balloon debate. The four authors taking flight were Agatha Christie, Mary Shelley, John Galsworthy and JRR Tolkein. After a series of votes, Mary Shelley emerged as the survivor.

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