Christmas Party 12th December 2017

A very convivial evening opened with a reading of two poems by Thomas Hardy on Christmas themes. We then enjoyed some carols played and sung by Immanuel’s Ground, Warwick’s West Gallery Quire. This is a most delightful group of enthusiasts, members of the West Gallery Music Association, who keep alive the tradition of local church bands, so well described by Hardy, who accompanied their church choirs. The group’s members wore most attractive, authentic-looking costumes, the ladies in pretty white bonnets, mostly made by the members.

Readings by our members from Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott followed. We then enjoyed refreshments, joined by the musicians and singers, interesting and entertaining people with great enthusiasm for their traditional music-making and its history.

Afterwards came more readings, from Washington Irving and Hardy, and more carols. Trevor Humphreys thanked Immanuel’s Ground very much for a most enjoyable evening, evoking the spirit and good cheer of Christmas past. He then thanked Jean and Julie for the delicious refreshments. Sadly, snow and ice had made it impossible for many of the Society’s members to attend.